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Submitted on
March 18, 2011
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I guess you could say
I'm a jack of all trades.
And while it can come in handy
It is also disappointing.

They tell you
"Everyone has something they're good at"
Everyone but me.
Or you could take it to mean,
I'm pretty good
At a lot of things,
But only just passable.

I'm a pretty good artist
If you just want a sketch of something.
My freehand drawings
Still look like they did
When I was five.

I'm a pretty good writer.
But nothing of mine
Will ever get published.
I'm still at the point
Where what's an interesting story to me
Is hardly more than a short story
No matter how long it runs on in my head.

I'm pretty good at singing
If I'm in a choir
Or singing along to a song on the radio.
Because half of my tune
Is slopping out
Of the metaphorical bucket.

I'm pretty good at sewing
If you give me a pattern.
I can follow directions,
Even confusing ones,
Quite well.
But that's as far as it goes.

I can paint
If it's straightforward
Without things like shading
And if it's simple shapes
Or large things
Like houses.

I can cook
If you have a cookbook.
I can follow instructions.

I can make things out of clay
If they're generally simple
And aren't meant to look like something
Like a person,
Or an animal.

I can whittle things out of wood
As long as what you want
Is a simple two-dimensional shape
Or a very simple
Three dimensional something.

I can fold paper and napkins
Into interesting shapes
As long as someone else
Has come up with it first
And put it in a book
Or on the internet
For me to find.

I can act
If the character I'm playing
Is pretty much just like me.

I can play the violin
But only generally simple things
And I was never dedicated enough
To really become good at it.

I can embroider,
I can make roses out of duct tape,
I can paint nails
And french braid hair.
And bake cookies.
But these things
Are all simple
And I am far from being the best.

All the things
I might pride myself on doing
I can only do
Maybe as good as someone else
But I know a friend of mine
Who does it twice as well.

I'm a Jack of all trades
Who just longs
To have a talent for something
That I love enough
To be the best at.
Pretty self-explanatory, I feel....
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Reese-9193 Mar 19, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
I definitely know how that goes, too.
I feel the same way!!
Right? It's nice to know that you're not the only one!
yeah,very!!!!! i mean,I can do a lot of stuff, and I enjoy it, but I'm constantly moving from one thing to the next, and most of the time I can't think of something original to do with it.
Agreed! And everybody tells me, "You're so talented!", but really, I'm just taking what I see and doing something with it, never really creating something original.
yeah,exactly!! or sometimes I feel like i have more potential or originality hiding inside me ready to burst, but for whatever reason I can't set it free.
Yeah, pretty much. I feel artistic, but can never actually, well, actualize it.
ikr!! same here!
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